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Terms & Conditions

Quotations and/or schedules provided are based on our interpretation of the information supplied.
Where details supplied by customer are not dimensioned or unclear, the requirement may be scaled or assumed for pricing purposes.
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all products/dimensions proposed are suitable and quantities are correct.
We cannot accept claims or costs for schedule/quantity errors that were not checked.
Please advise any errors or omissions to the quotation sender as soon as possible, advising any required changes.
We reserve the right to amend or recalculate our prices upon receipt of final working details or specification.

Some stone units may be made in pieces if the maximum possible length is exceeded.
This will be detailed on production drawings supplied for approval.
Quotations are valid for a maximum of 90 days from date of issue. Quotations exceeding this period should be re-priced to latest rates.
Please contact our sales office to request updated quotations.
All orders placed should refer to our quotation reference provided and include the required delivery address.

Production drawings for approval will be supplied upon order placement.
Drawings supplied should be checked thoroughly - this is the final opportunity to review proposed details before goods are manufactured.
Please note that once a drawing has been signed as approved, this is what will be produced.
It is very important that any changes, errors or omissions are advised to the sender as soon as possible in order for details to be corrected.
We cannot accept claims or costs for errors not advised to us at this stage.
Please note that no production will commence until approval of each drawing is received.
Delays may be incurred if timely responses to queries are not received or approval is delayed by customer.

Bespoke products include costs for new mould production.
These moulds will be kept for a period of 45 days after the last delivery has been made.
Requests for extra pieces of the same product made after this time period may incur mould charges again should the previous mould have been destroyed.

Delivery lead times quoted are estimates. These are subject to change as workload, availability of materials Etc. can vary.
We cannot be held responsible for delays or costs incurred by late delivery.
Haulage charges quoted are always NETT and are not discountable.

All deliveries are supplied on shrink wrapped, non returnable pallets.
Upon order placement you will be contacted to confirm delivery requirements, such as site offload facility.
Any special delivery requirements should be advised to us at the earliest opportunity to enable us to make necessary arrangements.

In the event of any damages that may have occurred to products during transit, the delivery ticket must be signed as damaged.
Please notify us within 3 days of receipt, providing photographic evidence of damage as found on the pallet in the original packaging.
At the company's discretion we will either repair or re-supply any product found to be defective, subject to the following conditions:
The company are notified in writing as soon as practicable of discovery of any defect.
The product must be shown to have been stored and fitted in accordance with the company's instructions.
The company is to be provided without cost to itself, with suitable means of access in order to repair the product.
These conditions do not confer any rights other than those expressly set out above and does not extend to the cost of any other trades.

We cannot accept claims for damage if the delivery ticket is not signed as damaged or if the goods have been moved from the original pallet.
We cannot accept claims if damage is caused by offloading methods not provided by Serene Stone Ltd. or recommended against by Serene Stone Ltd, such as Hi-Ab crane type offloading.

Due to natural materials used within our stone such as limestone and sand, colour shades may sometimes vary slightly.
From time to time efflorescence marking may occur to stone units. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon that will reduce over time with weathering.

Cancelling or delaying an agreed delivery date may incur costs if haulage has already been organised.
Storage fees may be charged if Serene Stone have to hold your product on our premises due to an agreed delivery being cancelled or postponed.
You will be contacted prior to delivery date to advise when we will be attending site to deliver.
Should there be nobody on site at the agreed time or site cannot be accessed, you may be charged for the cost of redelivery.
Please ensure that somebody is available to receive the goods on the agreed date.

If an order is cancelled, payment would be required for the goods produced or delivered and any additional items produced
including any mould costs up to the time of cancellation.
If an order is cancelled after technical drawings have been produced cancellation charges may also be incurred.

Title in the goods shall not be passed to the buyer until payment in full has been received by the seller.