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Upton House

Over the years, Serene Stone have been heavily involved in the design and supply of bespoke, high quality stonework to the luxury housing market.

One of our most recent projects was for an award-winning housing developer, who have just completed construction of ‘Upton House’. A high specification, luxury 5-bedroom detached property on the outskirts of London.

With the main exterior features of the property being the two bay window surrounds and grand porch entrance – our client was very keen to ensure the right supplier was chosen to develop the designs into something really special.

Serene Stone were invited to quote for the project in early 2018 and began work on the designs later that year. Our wetcast Portland stone was put proposed and accepted as the best material and colour to achieve the look envisaged by the Architect.

Portland Stone has remained a popular stone colour since the 14th Century, as can be seen on famous buildings such as St Paul’s Cathedral and the British Museum. It continues to be a very sought after colour for our reconstituted stone products – especially in and around the London area.

During an intensive design phase, our technicians worked to develop the architect’s ideas into fully detailed working drawings, ready for manufacture.

Our client was very specific that the stonework should show as few mortar joints as possible. One of the main benefits of our wetcast material, is that it can be cast into larger sections than other available materials, such as semi dry stone, negating the need for more joints than is necessary.  This allowed us to cast many pieces that would normally be split, into one continuous piece. We also utilised ‘notched’ stone pieces, to hide joints that were unavoidable.

The result looks fantastic and our customer was extremely satisfied!


To find out more about our wetcast material or how Serene Stone can assist with your next project – please visit our website at www.serenestone.co.uk, or contact us on 01773 813993.