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From Tall Stories To Tall Storeys

The site of a former crumbling Victorian library in Bristol has been transformed into an exclusive private development of 36 modern apartments and we were delighted to be part of the construction process.

The exclusive, sympathetically designed, contemporary apartments, housed in a mansion style building, fronting the main A38 Cheltenham Road, in the lively suburb of Cotham, have been created by, award winning, local builder Autograph Homes.

In recent years, the independently – owned developer has firmly established itself as building homes uniquely tailored to the local area and The Old Library project is no exception.

Each apartment, in addition to an underground garage and communal garden, is fully equipped with the latest ‘Smart’ technology. This is aimed at providing homes that are designed for the future and yet include architectural features that complement the surrounding buildings.

To ensure compliance, Serene Stone were commissioned to supply a range of products that colour – matched both the surrounding building’s stone-work as well as materials provided by other suppliers.

We manufactured and installed a range of finished products for the project. These included door entrances, heads, cills, coping, pier caps and cornices. Also, to provide a high level of consistency with the local vernacular adjoining properties, we created dressed Ashlar blockwork.

Ashlar masonry, where the stone is dressed and cut to the same size shape and surface texture, has been a popular construction method for Centuries and can be seen throughout the world in major structures such as castles, palaces as well as the 15th Century Incan citadel, Machu Picchu in Peru.

However, it is rarely used for everyday housebuilding due to the high cost of mining and processing the stone. Our manufacturing process reduces the cost considerably making it highly affordable for many, modern day construction projects.

Our products were all supplied as semi-dry stone and colour matched with local Bath stone. This was a crucial aspect of the job specification. All our semi dry products are ‘through coloured’ with no separate facing or core material used.

This ensures colour consistency throughout.

Also, our products are all designed to withstand all weather conditions. To achieve this, during the manufacturing process we add water / frost proofing prior to compacting in the handmade timber moulds.
This makes our semi dry material a very cost effective alternative to natural stone.
When Autograph Homes were asked their reasons for choosing Serene Stone as a supplier of specialist stone products, their response was (in no particular order)
• Quality of product.
• Design support from Serene Stone technical team.
• Production lead time.
• Products delivered on time.
• Colour matching.
• Competitive pricing.
• Customer service.
All 36 apartments in the Old Library development were sold very quickly and Autograph Homes has been nominated for awards from both the Building Safety Group (BSG) and major warranty provider, Premier Guarantee.
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