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Wetcast Stone

Standard Colours 





Please Note: The colour images shown are to give an indication of our standard colours only and should not be used for selection.
Please request stone sample slips from our sales team. Special colours available on request.

Wetcast stone is one of the strongest of our available materials. Produced using a high water content mixture, the resulting product is incredibly durable and can be cast into elaborate shapes and designs.

Another huge benefit of wetcast stone is the ability to add steel reinforcement, allowing for much larger pieces to be cast, resulting in fewer mortar joints.

Where the requirement is for a structural, self-supporting or load-bearing product, our wetcast material can also be utilised to negate the need for additional supporting lintels, or unsightly steelwork that may be visible.

A wetcast mould can only be used once a day, hence the manufacturing process can sometimes take longer than other, faster to produce materials.

However, lower volume runs of casts using our standard moulds can still be delivered to site in short lead times.

The mould is filled with a wet mixture that is poured in and left to 'go off' overnight. As with concrete, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the materials to bond and harden. The result is a highly dense material with a strength of more than 45N/mm².

Once cast, all our wetcast products are moved to our finishing department, where the pieces are acid etched and washed down to reveal the final texture and finish.

All our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with BS1217.

Benefits of Wetcast Stone

  • Can be produced in large pieces
  • Very dense and strong, suitable for structural/load-bearing applications
  • Smoother Texture (In comparison to semi dry)



Strength: >45N/mm²

Typcial Density: 2500Kg/m³

Drying Shrinkage: <0.04%

Water Absorption: 0.09mg/mm²