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Semi Dry Stone

Standard Colours 





Please Note: The colour images shown are to give an indication of our standard colours only and should not be used for selection.
Please request stone sample slips from our sales team. Special colours available on request.

As the name suggests, our semi dry stone is manufactured using a low water content, or 'semi dry' mixture of high quality fine natural aggregates, colouration pigments and additives.

Semi dry stonework has an open, slightly rough texture, akin to natural or sawn stone. This is often preferred when the requirement is to match existing natural stone, or a more natural, textured look is required.

All our semi dry products are 'through coloured' - meaning that no seperate facing or core material is used (as some manufacturers do) and the same colour can be seen throughout the unit.

During our manufacturing process, precise and consistent measurements of material are graded and premixed, prior to being compacted into handmade timber moulds. Additives containing water/frost proofing and binding agents are also added to ensure our products can withstand all weather conditions.

One of the benefits of semi dry material is that the item being cast can be taken out of the mould almost immediately, allowing the curing process to begin and the next item to be cast straight away. This is especially suited to high volumes of repetitive items - meaning lead times can be greatly reduced in some cases.

Once removed from the mould, all our semi dry products are immediately moved into our water vapour curing chamber. The high humidity within the chamber helps to slow down the curing process and results in much harder stone, less prone to breakages.

Semi dry material is also very cost effective in comparison to other available materials.

All our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with BS1217.

Benefits of Semi Dry Stone

  • Cost Effective
  • Reduced Lead Times
  • Natural Texture



Strength: >28N/mm²

Typcial Density: 2000Kg/m³

Drying Shrinkage: <0.04%

Water Absorption: 0.85mg/mm²