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Lightweight Material

Serene Stone supply two types of lightweight material, GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) and Polystyrene Cored Lite-Stone.

GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete)

Our GRC material is produced using our wetcast mix, with the addition of special glass fibres that add huge strength to the material. This added strength allows for a polystyrene core to be incorporated inside a stone facing, greatly reducing the weight of each unit. This is especially suited to areas where a heavy unit cannot be utilised, such as high level coping or large projecting stonework.

Our GRC material can also be supplied without the polystyrene core. (Please note, although the material will be incredibly strong, without the poly core, unit weight may increase in comparison with standard wetcast material)

Lite-Stone (Ultra Lightweight Material)

Our ultra lightweight 'Lite-Stone' material can be manufactured in almost any profile or shape, whilst weighing virtually nothing.

Manufactured using a special grade EPS core which is primed and coated with a stone effect spray. The resulting look and texture is exactly like cast stone, at a fraction of the weight. Lite-Stone can be fixed and finished using adhesives and colour matched silicone jointing compounds, allowing stonework to be fitted after building work has been completed, reducing potential delays on site.

All our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with BS1217.


Benefits of Lightweight Materials

  • Suitable for high level or weight restricted areas
  • Lite-Stone can be fitted after build, allowing brickwork to continue.
  • Complex shapes and large projections
  • Low maintenance & easy to install (Lite-Stone)
  • Can be colour matched to existing stonework


Specification GRC Material (Lite-Stone not applicable)

Strength: >45N/mm²

Typcial Density: 2500Kg/m³

Drying Shrinkage: <0.04%

Water Absorption: 0.09mg/mm²